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Mission of Mercy

MOM's Project      As always "Time or Treasure" is a gift from the heart!


                         2016 Northern Virginia Mission of Mercy: 

This year, Mission of Mercy helped 885 patients and provided services valuing $637,394.



   "Next year is right around the corner, would you like to Contribute? "Time or Treasure"


NOMAD Pro® by Aribex is a handheld, rechargeable intraoral x-ray system that produces high-quality radiographs with digital sensors, standard films, and phosphor plates. Weighing just 5.5 pounds, NOMAD Pro easily serves multiple operatories and is especially valuable for children or special needs patients. Internal x-ray shielding and a backscatter shield protect the user from direct and scattered radiation. 866-340-5522


We thank them for their support.