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                        Baran Dental Laboratory

                              & Milling Center

                    4433-E Brookfield Corporate Drive

                             Chantilly, VA 20151

                                            "Your Choice for Crowns, Bridges & Implants"



Welcome to our website here at Baran Dental Laboratory & Milling Center our goal is to provide quality fixed dental prosthetics to our doctors and patients using the latest workable products on the market.   

 We have been serving the dental community and their patients since 1970, with dedication to detail of each individual restoration. From a single gold crown to complex full mouth rehabilitation. Whether it is restorative, esthetic, or cosmetic dentistry, we are a crown, bridge, and implant milling laboratory that works with the doctor and patient to achieve the desired results - their smiles. Utilizing digital photography and the X-Rite Shadevision in our relaxed shade room. From porcelain to noble/high noble alloys, Lava Esthetic, Imagine Zirconia, Veneers, Lava Plus, Full Contour Zirconia, e.Max allow us to help you achieve a consistent confidence level of quality in every patient. Along with traditional impressions we also accept most all digital impressions. Sirona Connect or any STL. file you may have.


                   "Lava Esthetic Layered Zirconia"

3M hit another home run with their Lava brand zirconia,
"Lava Esthetic". Layered zirconia never looked so real, natural.
We have doctors switching from e.Max to the layered Esthetic!
Almost twice as strong as e.Max with same or better esthetics,
and color with less tooth removal. 

Doctors, call today and start using Lava Esthetics for your practice, your patients deserve the best.

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    What's in Your Mouth?

Members of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association !

Made in America!


GKAS - 342 Patients  Valuing $61,000

MOM's - 885 patients: services valuing $637,394

"Mission of Mercy Provides Free Dental Care to 885 Patients"

                                            Time or Treasure!

                        "Give Kids A Smile February 10, 2017"

        "Northern Virginia Dental Mission of Mercy March 10 - 11, 2017"

                   "If you are unable to volunteer, consider a donation"

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Full contour wax-up on the right side of pictures. Full contoured zirconia on the left side of pictures.



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