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Model/ Die Requirements/ Time Schedule

 Model :|: Die Requirements :|: Time Schedule

  • All bridges over 3 units or e.Max must have a wax up of desired design.
  • Captek 3 Days in Lab. LAVA/ Essentials 2 Days in Lab. Procera 1 Day Plus Mill and Shipping Days. Call 
  • CAD/CAM Alloy 1day Plus Mill and Shipping Days. Call! 
  • All Implant Abutments 3 Days in Lab.
  • Business Days do not Include Weekends, Holidays, or Pick Up Day!
  • All Dies Must be Ditched Smoothly and Have a .5m.m Ditch Under the Margin.
  •  Do Not Block Out Undercuts or Use Die Spacer on CAD/CAM Restorations! 
  • Remove Any Distortion on Dies!
  • All Dies Must Seat Securely on the Model. Implant models must be scan ready!
  • There Will be a Minimum $10.00 Fee on ANY Die or Model Work Correction!
  • Any Additional Laboratory Services Needed Will Incur Additional Fees

Please Call For - Die/ Model/ Implant Model Requirements!