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We have been serving the dental community and their patients since 1970, with dedication to detail of each individual restoration. From a single gold crown to complex full mouth rehabilitation. Whether it is restorative, esthetic, or cosmetic dentistry, we are a crown, bridge, and implant milling laboratory that works with your laboratory to achieve the desired results your accounts require. From casting noble/high noble alloy, Captek, Laser Welds, e.Max Pressing, Lava, Full Contour Zirconia, Lava Ultimate and Procera allow us to help you. We can also help you with digital impressions by ITero and 3M Lava COS.

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Free pick up and delivery within the D.C. Metro area with case!

 Free second day delivery for outside D.C. Metro area

Model   :|:   Die Requirements   :|:   Time Schedule

  • All bridges over 3 units or e.Max must have a wax up of desired design.
  • Captek 3 Days in Lab. LAVA 2 Days in Lab.
  •  Procera and Central Milling CAD/CAM Allow 1day Plus Mill and Shipping Days.
  • All Implant Abutments 3 Days in Lab.
  • Business Days do not Include Weekends, Holidays, or Pick Up Day!

 All Dies Must be Ditched Smoothly and Have a .5m.m Ditch Under the Margin.

  • Do Not Block Out Undercuts or Use Die Spacer.
  • Remove Any Distortion on Dies!
  • All Dies Must Seat Securely on the Model. Implant models must be scan ready
  • There Will be a Minimum $12.00 Fee on ANY Die or Model Work Correction.
  • Any Additional Laboratory Services Needed Will Incur Additional Fees.

Please Call For - Die/ Model/ Implant Model Requirements!

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